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Torapp Guilloche Designer
Beta - Ultimate vector editor for security printing

Feature List

BezierBezier, line, rectangle and freehand drawing; rich editing tools such as node operations(add, delete, move, break, join), spline interpolation etc.
FourierFourier serie as a function
Formulamult-variable formula as a function
Bitmapbitmap as a function
Functional curvegroup of curves defined by fuctions such as fourier series, formulas
Piecewise Curvepiecewise curve defined by other curves
Enveloperepeated pattern around a base curve
Fillerrepeated pattern to fill the space enclosed by two curves.
Copyduplicates of items, the duplicates's positions, directions, sizes can be tweaked by any combination of path/curve, functions( fourier, formula, bitmap).
Frameframe created by user-defined region and path.
Meshmesh defined by bezier
Clipitems with clipping area
Reliefcurves to represent foreground by deforming background
Randomrandomize any base curve
Mirrorclip, reflect and duplicate selected items.
Engravevaried width curves to represent bitmap
predefined combination of operationscommon-use combinations of simple operations
Filterdeformations including 3D, curved mirror, envelope etc.
Constant variablesconstant variable support in formulas.
Stroke & Fillstroke & fill characteristic like line width, color etc.
Layer Manager